Monday, August 30, 2010

Entry 3: 8/10/10 - 8/11/10 FIRST FLIGHT'S A DOOZY

Dream 1
  D) I was at a football stadium watching a game (Go Broncoes) then after the game was driving home on the highway in an older truck. As I was driving home I saw my grandpa's 1960 Ford Falcon parked on the side of the road and the most popular girl from my high school in a bikini waving at me.
  I) I have no idea lol. I'd love take the bra off that baby and ride her till the sun comes up...I mean the car of course ;)
  D) I was walking on a sidewalk next to a lake, and while I was looking around at my environment, something just told me I should reality check. So, I plugged my nose and tried to breathe through it. The fullest, most fresh breath of air filled my lungs and realization rushed through my body. I smiled and closed my eyes saying to myself, "ok you're in a dream, just calm yourself." then I opened my eyes and ran for a dirt clearing that dropped into a cliff that looked over the lake. I leaped off the cliff and started floating. It was really shakey and I was afraid of falling but I closed my eyes and visualized myself flying over the lake. I opened my eyes and I was high above the lake soaring. My entire body felt like the tingly feeling you get when your foot has been asleep. I swooped in low to the lake then landed on the other side into a big crowd of unaffected pedestrians. I tried to show everyone I could fly and get them to realize it was a dream but no one cared. I then decided to fly to some house party where the hottest girl from my high school was at. She was arm in arm with her boyfriend when I walked up to her and said "We're going upstairs." With a smile on her face she said "ok" and the rest is history...(See I'm honest with you guys)
  I) I remembered from my first lucid experience that I needed to calm myself and was successful. Flying is not easy at first it's wobbly, but you just have to calm and visualize. The girl thing...well come on, you're telling me you wouldn't?

Entry 2: 8/05/10 - 8/06/10 I'M HUNGRY, DO SOMETHING!

Dream 1
  D) I was in a courtyard at a school attending a memorial gathering for a staff member that had been fired and I met this red haired girl there. I introduced myself, we got food from the buffet that was laid out in the courtyard and took a seat together at a table. We talked about her aspirations, she said she wanted to become sheriff then explained how her boyfriend wouldn't let her. We talked for a while and fell for each other. Then her boyfriend came up and pulled her aside to talk to her. She broke up with him telling him that I would let her achieve her dreams and she wanted to be with me.
  I) A beloved mentor of mine recently got fired from my school and many students and I have had several student meetings with him since. I'm a sucker for beautiful red haired girls ;) I used to like this girl who has a boyfriend sometimes wished she would see something in me that she didn't see in him.
Dream 2
  D) 3 friends and I went to some house party and were going to sleep in our car in front of the house but at the entrance of the house I saw a dark haired girl being pushed around by a couple of guys and I walked up and told them to leave her alone. They ran off and I went to comfort the girl. We talked all night and slept holding each other. When we woke up, the girl's younger sister found us and screamed "I'm telling my dad!!!". I shot up out so fast and booked it to the car. I yelled at my friends to wake up and drive! One of my friends had gotten out to pee or something and my friends were planning on waiting for him but I said "leave him!!!!" and we left him in the dust to deal with the angry dad.
  I) My friends and I occasionally go to house parties and deal with jerk guys here and there. I don't tolerate violence towards women at all so I understand why I was so determined to help the girl. My sister tattles on me whenever she gets dirt on me, and I hate girl's dads!
Dream 1 (LUCID)
  D) I don't remember much other than I was in a forest and realized I could jump abnormally high. At that moment I looked around at my hands and my surroundings and became lucid, but I was so excited that I immediately had a false awakening and entered the forest without lucidity. :(
  I) This was very intense and I wasn't ready to handle the feeling of realization yet so I got too excited. This happens to everyone there first and sometimes first few times.
Dream 2
  D) I was in a shopping mall with 4 of my friends (3 guy friends and a girl I've liked for 2 years) just walking around when so very randomly the girl turns to me and says, "Josh...I'm hungry, do something!" Then I said "ok" and grabbed her by the face and made out with her. Then woke up.
  I) I've really liked this girl for a while, went on a date with her but she didn't seem interested, so I dropped it. My dreams are telling me I shouldn't have and need to be more aggressive with the flirting ;)

Entry 1: 8/01 - 8/04 FRANKIE MUNIZ BRO!

Dream 1
  D) All I remember is being in a large dark house with a younger Frankie Muniz reaching out to me saying "No! Brother don't leave me!" then I woke up...
  I) Lolwut? That dream was so random, but that's nothing new when it comes to my dreams. The only thing I can think that could represent is how I've kinda wanted to experience having a little brother since I have a little sister..and I guess Frankie Muniz because I've been watching Malcolm In The Middle a lot???
Dream 2
  D) I was in a cafe like Starbucks or some place similar and this cute girl who I always see working out at the gym came and sat next to me. We talked and flirted and just before a kiss (like freakin always) I woke up.
  I) This clearly shows I like that girl from the gym! The next day I actually asked her friend if she's single and she said she has a boyfriend. That was disappointing :(

Dream 1
  D) I was in a mansion with a lot of drunk people (apparently my roommates) who were just lounging around watching massive flat screens on huge beanbags. I was just sitting in a chair or something talking to this dog I had, then my ex came in the room and I don't remember what we talked about but I'm sure it was about getting back together.
  I) I find myself in fancy places a lot in my dreams I guess because I'm a middle class college student who hasn't really lived a life of luxury. The drunken roommates probably just represent my friends having a good time like they do in reality. I've always wanted a husky. My ex is in plenty of my dreams. She tends to either love me in them or is sad and has a rejective attitude towards me.
Dream 2
  D) I remember being trapped in a building underground waiting for a train. This "building" wasn't like a subway though; it was more cavernous; there were cement and metal columns but the floor and walls were dirt. There were people frantically scavenging for weapons and supplies and I had no idea what was going on. The people almost looked rabid or just insane except a woman and a couple others who found me and asked me to join their group. We found a kitchen-esk area and were searching for supplies when a man stumbled in. He was acting as if he was going to help us but for some reason I had the feeling he was evil. I found a katana size knife with a saw-like blade and picked it up and ran at the man screaming, then woke up.
  I) I'm not sure what this one means but a lot of my dreams, or nightmares I suppose, are linked to zombies.  I need help interpreting this one. Waiting for a train seems relevant though..maybe I'm waiting to go somewhere.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Alright guys, here's how my entries are going to look.

Date 0/00/00
Dream 1
  D) details....
  I) interpretation...
Dream 2
  ''            ''
So on and so forth...
I have some pretty bizarre dreams, and all except the lucid ones I cant control, so some will be pretty funny, others sad, scary and a lot of them, just completely incomprehensible.
Please comment thoughts and interpretations of my dreams or if you had one like one of mine tell me about it.
Enjoy :)

Becoming Lucid

Ok, so you've recognized a dream sign and just reality checked...wait a're in a dream! What do you do you ask? The first time you become lucid may last only for a few seconds. This occurs because the realization may be overwhelming and if you get too excited the dream will become unstable and you could wake up or have a false awakening (thinking you're awake but actually you're in another dream) into a non-lucid state again. To prevent this you must calm yourself upon your realization; look at the ground or lightly close your eyes and tell yourself "I'm in a dream and it's ok, calm down." If you feel your dream is collapsing, you may be able to stop it by closing your eyes and spinning in circles.
So...what do you do now? Well..anything you want! I started with flying my first time, just jump in the air and visualize yourself flying. Or maybe you'd like to master a super power; just visualize and it will be! You can create environments by closing your eyes and spinning while visualizing where you'd like to go as well! There's no limit to what you can do or where you can go so have fun!
I've only scratched the surface of the world of lucid dreams here, so please google techniques and watch videos of tutorials, read blogs and books, watch movies and do all the research you can!

DILD 101

There are many ways to induce lucidity and I suggest anyone interested research all the methods and choose what best fits you, but here I'm just going to explain the method I chose which I believe is best for beginners.

The method I chose is called Dream Initiated Lucid Dreaming or DILD. This essentially means that during a normal dream, the dreamer realizes he/she is dreaming and becomes lucid, allowing him/her to control the dream.
Learning to do this took me about 2 weeks and I still cant have them at will yet they kind of just occur, but be patient it could take days, weeks and sometimes a month or 2 to be successful.
First and most important: Make a dream journal! This should be a notebook that you can record your dreams in. Organize your dreams by date. Keep the journal and a pen or pencil by your bed within reach so when you wake up in the morning you can write down as many details you can about your dream without getting up and moving around (which causes you to lose memory of details). The purpose of dream journaling is to improve your memory of dreams or "dream recall". Without good dream recall you wont be able to remember if you were lucid or not and you wont know your dream signs.
Dream signs are reoccurring people, places, events or things you experience in your dreams. There are obscure dream signs; for example, I see zombies in my dreams and i can usually float at will, and there are realistic dream signs; for example, I see my ex and other people I haven't seen for a while, and the setting of most of my dreams is a school. Knowing these is important because recognizing these signs within a dream may trigger a reality check.
A reality check is exactly as it states; it's a method of proving if you are experiencing reality or a dream. There are many of these that you can practice, for example, flicking light switches (you can't adjust light levels in dreams), reading small text or an alarm clock (it's unstable and will distort) or my personal favorite, plugging your nose and trying to breathe through it. There are many more but I think this one is the easiest because all that's required is your body, and the feeling of a full lung of fresh air through a plugged nose is awesome :) Practice reality checking throughout the day at least once every 2 hours so you can condition your mind to routinely want to reality check. Eventually it will cement itself into your sub-conscious as well and you will do it in your dreams.


Hi guys 0neironaught here. I've recently been researching and exploring the subject of dreams a lot. Dreams have always been interesting to me (partly because mine are so bizarre), but upon discovering the movie Waking Life and recently seeing Inception, I've gained a whole new fascination with lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is essentially dreaming while you are aware that you're in a dream. Once you become aware that you're in a dream, you can do, create and be whatever you want. At first it sounded like a myth to me; but after researching and hearing about actual experiences from real people, I had to try it out for myself. After a couple weeks of experimenting with a few techniques I actually achieved lucidity! I'll get to that later :)