Monday, August 30, 2010

Entry 1: 8/01 - 8/04 FRANKIE MUNIZ BRO!

Dream 1
  D) All I remember is being in a large dark house with a younger Frankie Muniz reaching out to me saying "No! Brother don't leave me!" then I woke up...
  I) Lolwut? That dream was so random, but that's nothing new when it comes to my dreams. The only thing I can think that could represent is how I've kinda wanted to experience having a little brother since I have a little sister..and I guess Frankie Muniz because I've been watching Malcolm In The Middle a lot???
Dream 2
  D) I was in a cafe like Starbucks or some place similar and this cute girl who I always see working out at the gym came and sat next to me. We talked and flirted and just before a kiss (like freakin always) I woke up.
  I) This clearly shows I like that girl from the gym! The next day I actually asked her friend if she's single and she said she has a boyfriend. That was disappointing :(

Dream 1
  D) I was in a mansion with a lot of drunk people (apparently my roommates) who were just lounging around watching massive flat screens on huge beanbags. I was just sitting in a chair or something talking to this dog I had, then my ex came in the room and I don't remember what we talked about but I'm sure it was about getting back together.
  I) I find myself in fancy places a lot in my dreams I guess because I'm a middle class college student who hasn't really lived a life of luxury. The drunken roommates probably just represent my friends having a good time like they do in reality. I've always wanted a husky. My ex is in plenty of my dreams. She tends to either love me in them or is sad and has a rejective attitude towards me.
Dream 2
  D) I remember being trapped in a building underground waiting for a train. This "building" wasn't like a subway though; it was more cavernous; there were cement and metal columns but the floor and walls were dirt. There were people frantically scavenging for weapons and supplies and I had no idea what was going on. The people almost looked rabid or just insane except a woman and a couple others who found me and asked me to join their group. We found a kitchen-esk area and were searching for supplies when a man stumbled in. He was acting as if he was going to help us but for some reason I had the feeling he was evil. I found a katana size knife with a saw-like blade and picked it up and ran at the man screaming, then woke up.
  I) I'm not sure what this one means but a lot of my dreams, or nightmares I suppose, are linked to zombies.  I need help interpreting this one. Waiting for a train seems relevant though..maybe I'm waiting to go somewhere.

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