Sunday, August 29, 2010

DILD 101

There are many ways to induce lucidity and I suggest anyone interested research all the methods and choose what best fits you, but here I'm just going to explain the method I chose which I believe is best for beginners.

The method I chose is called Dream Initiated Lucid Dreaming or DILD. This essentially means that during a normal dream, the dreamer realizes he/she is dreaming and becomes lucid, allowing him/her to control the dream.
Learning to do this took me about 2 weeks and I still cant have them at will yet they kind of just occur, but be patient it could take days, weeks and sometimes a month or 2 to be successful.
First and most important: Make a dream journal! This should be a notebook that you can record your dreams in. Organize your dreams by date. Keep the journal and a pen or pencil by your bed within reach so when you wake up in the morning you can write down as many details you can about your dream without getting up and moving around (which causes you to lose memory of details). The purpose of dream journaling is to improve your memory of dreams or "dream recall". Without good dream recall you wont be able to remember if you were lucid or not and you wont know your dream signs.
Dream signs are reoccurring people, places, events or things you experience in your dreams. There are obscure dream signs; for example, I see zombies in my dreams and i can usually float at will, and there are realistic dream signs; for example, I see my ex and other people I haven't seen for a while, and the setting of most of my dreams is a school. Knowing these is important because recognizing these signs within a dream may trigger a reality check.
A reality check is exactly as it states; it's a method of proving if you are experiencing reality or a dream. There are many of these that you can practice, for example, flicking light switches (you can't adjust light levels in dreams), reading small text or an alarm clock (it's unstable and will distort) or my personal favorite, plugging your nose and trying to breathe through it. There are many more but I think this one is the easiest because all that's required is your body, and the feeling of a full lung of fresh air through a plugged nose is awesome :) Practice reality checking throughout the day at least once every 2 hours so you can condition your mind to routinely want to reality check. Eventually it will cement itself into your sub-conscious as well and you will do it in your dreams.

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