Monday, August 30, 2010

Entry 2: 8/05/10 - 8/06/10 I'M HUNGRY, DO SOMETHING!

Dream 1
  D) I was in a courtyard at a school attending a memorial gathering for a staff member that had been fired and I met this red haired girl there. I introduced myself, we got food from the buffet that was laid out in the courtyard and took a seat together at a table. We talked about her aspirations, she said she wanted to become sheriff then explained how her boyfriend wouldn't let her. We talked for a while and fell for each other. Then her boyfriend came up and pulled her aside to talk to her. She broke up with him telling him that I would let her achieve her dreams and she wanted to be with me.
  I) A beloved mentor of mine recently got fired from my school and many students and I have had several student meetings with him since. I'm a sucker for beautiful red haired girls ;) I used to like this girl who has a boyfriend sometimes wished she would see something in me that she didn't see in him.
Dream 2
  D) 3 friends and I went to some house party and were going to sleep in our car in front of the house but at the entrance of the house I saw a dark haired girl being pushed around by a couple of guys and I walked up and told them to leave her alone. They ran off and I went to comfort the girl. We talked all night and slept holding each other. When we woke up, the girl's younger sister found us and screamed "I'm telling my dad!!!". I shot up out so fast and booked it to the car. I yelled at my friends to wake up and drive! One of my friends had gotten out to pee or something and my friends were planning on waiting for him but I said "leave him!!!!" and we left him in the dust to deal with the angry dad.
  I) My friends and I occasionally go to house parties and deal with jerk guys here and there. I don't tolerate violence towards women at all so I understand why I was so determined to help the girl. My sister tattles on me whenever she gets dirt on me, and I hate girl's dads!
Dream 1 (LUCID)
  D) I don't remember much other than I was in a forest and realized I could jump abnormally high. At that moment I looked around at my hands and my surroundings and became lucid, but I was so excited that I immediately had a false awakening and entered the forest without lucidity. :(
  I) This was very intense and I wasn't ready to handle the feeling of realization yet so I got too excited. This happens to everyone there first and sometimes first few times.
Dream 2
  D) I was in a shopping mall with 4 of my friends (3 guy friends and a girl I've liked for 2 years) just walking around when so very randomly the girl turns to me and says, "Josh...I'm hungry, do something!" Then I said "ok" and grabbed her by the face and made out with her. Then woke up.
  I) I've really liked this girl for a while, went on a date with her but she didn't seem interested, so I dropped it. My dreams are telling me I shouldn't have and need to be more aggressive with the flirting ;)

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